We specialise in one-of-a-kind, high-end bathrooms based on the thoughtful curation of materials sourced from around the world. We go above and beyond to find rare finishes that include natural stone, marble, glass mosaics and semi precious stone surfaces which can be back lit & illuminated to create unique features so that no two bathrooms or kitchens we create are the same.  


We also work with exceptional talent to provide an unparalleled flawless finish that underscores the quality and detail within the space.  


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We developed a new business model and transformed an old Victorian hotel into a unique, luxury holiday escape, designed to inspire and provide a memorable and relaxing atmosphere for guests



We brought a new lease of life into this 180 year old beauty! Luxury marble and glass mosaics bathrooms, hand built designer kitchen with semi-precious stone worktops, inspiring lighting and decadent wall murals.