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With our wealth of industry knowledge, entrepreneurial background, spirit, flair and a passion to create unique one of a kind developments we provide an unparalleled interior design, fit out and business consulting offering for both residential and commercial clients.  

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We provide a bespoke, all-in-one, turnkey service that includes in-depth concepting and consultation to ensure the space we design and build not only fits aesthetic tastes but is also commercially optimised for each end-user in mind. We also take care of the entire project management process including help with business concepts, labour/ construction and material supply from project kick-off to build finalisation. 


Our process is an incredibly collaborative one, and with a multi-million pound property development portfolio behind us, we work closely with our commercial clients in the consultation and concept phases of a build to ensure spaces are designed to not only be commercially viable but highly profitable. We go every step of the way to turn your vision into a reality within budget and timeframe and have the development experience needed to satisfy every need of your customer.  


We work with you and/ or your family to create a home that ensures your unique needs, comfort, personality and style is front of mind. We double-down to enhance your existing space, or can construct entirely new environments to add a layer of living you’ve only ever dreamt of. We are passionate about wellbeing and create spaces our clients are incredibly proud of and most importantly stimulate their wellbeing.  We are particularly proud of our loft conversions, home extensions and turning under utilised rooms into something completely new and inspiring. Think garden hut to home office or old den into spa and sunlight therapy room! 


We transform an old, plain or dated hotels and Air Bnb's into unique luxury holiday rentals, designed to inspire and provide a fun relaxing stay. Previous projects include cinema rooms, an indoor beach with Real Sunlight simulators, boutique style bedrooms, Professional DJ area and amazing bathrooms - all added to create awe-inspiring interiors.


Offices with a twist: think Sophisticated Manhattan loft or uber cool futuristic playground! We ensure your project exceeds expectations and is delivered on time within budget. Our themed office transformations of tired offices ensure that the you or your new residents have an inspiring and creative space to work. 


We specialise in one-of-a-kind, high-end bathrooms based on the thoughtful curation of materials sourced from around the world. We go above and beyond to find rare finishes that include natural stone, marble, glass mosaics and semi precious stone surfaces which can be back lit & illuminated to create unique features so that no two bathrooms or kitchens we create are the same.  We also work with exceptional talent to provide an unparalleled flawless finish that underscores the quality and detail within the space.  


We searched far and wide before we settled on a world renowned supplier from Rajasthan, India. They supply top grade luxury semi precious and gemstone slabs and surfaces for countertops, table tops, work tops, backsplashes, and many other unique commercial and residential projects. Since we source directly from the manufacturer, our prices are unbeatable in the UK. Some examples of materials we source include amethyst, agate, snow white quartz and mother of pearl. 

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